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199 € for your group (up to 5)

Excursion to the Louvre

Prices for bigger groups on request
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Louvre Museum
Louvre castle
Place du Carrousel
Louvre pyramids


Tour days: daily (except Tuesday)
Start: by agreement
Duration: 2 hours
Extra time is paid additionally
Excursion: individual
Meeting point: Louvre Square.
From your hotel \ any address in Paris, is paid additionally.

Excursion to the Louvre

Many travelers, going to France, in addition to recreation and entertainment, pursue the goal of cultural enrichment. Fortunately, excursions in Paris allow you to visit the most important historical sights, including the Louvre. Louvre is a truly amazing journey to a distant history of royal France. In old days, it was the residence of kings, but today it invites tourists to get acquainted with the most important pieces of art on the planet. Our guide in Paris will tell you a lot of interesting information about the Louvre, and will tell you what to look out for. The Louvre should definitely be a part of your excursion - it is no coincidence that it is visited by over 10 million people a year! You can hardly find so many art treasures anywhere else. That`s why feel free to book excursion to the Louvre and go there, enriching yourself not only spiritually, but also mentally.
Our excursion to the Louvre covers such sections as:
1. History of the medieval Louvre,
2. The art of ancient Greece and Rome,
3. Paintings (Italian, French, Dutch), paintings by Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael, frescoes by Botticelli
4. Sculptures from Antiquity to Baroque.
You will meet the three ladies of the Louvre - Mona Lisa, Nika of Samothrace and Venus de Milo.
The Louvre tour is conducted by a certified guide. After the tour, you can stay at the museum until it closes. If there is a group of more than 6 people, the price of the excursion changes.

Entrance tickets are paid extra. The cost of a ticket to the Louvre is 18 €. Entrance to the Louvre for people under 18 years old is free.

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